About The Reiki Masters Association

The Reiki Masters Association (RMA) works for the benefit of the South African Reiki community and all of its members. RMA is a non-profit organisation and has no agenda other than to see the Reiki community and individuals within the community reach their full potential. This includes efforts to provide a forum for continual growth on professional and personal levels, to create support and development among members in the Reiki community, and to raise awareness of Reiki to the general public.

Reiki Masters who are registered are asked to uphold the RMA’s codes of practice and ethics.

Some benefits of RMA membership

Get connected with the Reiki Masters Association of South Africa and let your voice be counted as part of the professional Reiki community and receive great benefits – join the RMA today! Being a member of RMA also helps to keep Reiki free for you to practice and teach – your support is needed.

Becoming a member

How to join the RMA as a registered Reiki Master


Membership fees (new members): R500.00

  • A copy of your ID
  • A copy of your final Reiki certificate (one is enough PLEASE)
  • A letter signed by you stating your request for registration as well as your commitment to paying your subscriptions on an annual basis every January.
  • Your postal address
  • Your physical address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your cellphone number
  • Your land line number
  • Details of your reiki masters entry on the website as you require them

You will be entered into the register and you will receive a receipt with your RMA e-certificate within 2 months.


Membership fees (existing members annual renewal): R400.00

If existing members have missed a year please re-register at the new member’s rate.

Memberships expire on the 31st December each year.

If you have been removed from the list, it means your payment for annual fees have not been received. You have until 1 March to update your fees and details.

If there are any changes to your addresses, kindly send by email to reiki@reikihealing.co.za

Sending through the information is very important to ensure that our database is up to date. You will be entered into the register and you will receive a receipt with your RMA e-certificate within 2 months.

RMA looks forward to promoting practitioners who are aspiring Reiki Masters.

Thank you for joining the Reiki Masters Association and PLEASE always promote Reiki, to the highest good of all, to the harm of no-one.

RMA Code of Ethics

By joining the RMA, you have undertaken to agree that: